The Tears’ Path – Main Narrative


In this section will be explained the reading key and some details regarding the whole “The Tears’ Path” story. Beside all chapters are already written,obviously the info will be updated gradually with the proceed of the events presented in the albums to avoid any kind of spoil.

Briefing regarding the Tears’ Path

The Tear’s Path its an original concept story created by Enrico Zavatta.


The main world is a post-apocalypse scenario since apocalypse is the first event immediately after the beginning. Once upon a time the worlds were not ruled by chaos and destruction. There was a time when everything was set to perfection, but that is not the world we are talking about. Every chapter has its own scenario and many shapes of it but the central idea lives in a mythological world. This world has many shapes that will goes from  a frozen hell to an endless desert, from total darkness to the higher temples of time, from the most deceptive forest to an egyptian ancient hall of judgement. The scenario is a classical outlook without modern manmade elemets. We should suppose a life told in the mythological classicals in the age of the myth but with a different key of lecture compared to the classical one regarding the events and the deeds of the characters and the gods.


When we talk about themes we get into something really complex. Ill try to stay easy in this briefing section to get deeply into them chapter by chapter.

PHYSICS: relativity theory, quantum theory, astrophysics, mechanics, study of the clockworks.
PHILOSOPHY: logic, metaphysics, phylosophy of mind, epystemology.
PSYCHOLOGY: social, psychoanalysis,madness, personality, evolutionary .
MYTHOLOGY: greek mythology, japanese culture and mythology, egyptian and asian.
LECTERATURE (hints from) : Shakespeare, Iliad & Odyssey, Dante, various book of myth & hystory.


So far considering  A Prelude into Emptiness (APIE from now on) plot, i cant reaveal nothing regarding next chapters but starting from next album: HOLLOWLANDS we will meet the main 2 characters of the whole story. No additional spoil. Indeed as in APIE for the whole concept GODS and their past and present deeds going to be an importat feature. As everything else the gods scenario and interaction is very complex.
Regarding gods, the entity called gods in the APIE seems has no identity. They are called Fathers (Lost Hope,New Hope Pt.1), but as well known in the classical mythology fathers were ZEUS, HADES and POSEIDON. The Fathers which were forging the time and moving the fear design in APIE ware ZEUS indeed but not Poseidon or Hades. You will learn why.
Unlike the classical told i used my own interpretation of the facts and the characters. Zeus for example is read in more deceptive,selfish and evil way then how actually in classicals was.

The story of the 5 concept albums is structured as following:



A PRELUDE INTO EMPTINESS – The Tears’ Path Chapter Alpha

(Events set after the Chapter Zero)



Events take place in chaotic season after the deeds which has destroyed the known worlds, into a post-apocalypse mithological greece. Emptiness wants to recall the sense of emptiness in the steam of life and the duality of this steam will become really important in further plot. Emptiness is also a place: is the home of the night. A desert of no time inside the Hourglass of Time into Chronos’ hands.


We have the gods on a side and the mankind on the other side. The fight between life, death, light and darkness will move their hands.


We going to talk about the introduction of time into mankind and gods life. This will make very changes on both side, but the point of interest is the reason why gods wanted to introduce time and how fear ruled their deeds. The concept of fear: the same fear that moved the fathers of the Olympus to rise against the Titans..and what about the men? time for men means death, loss.


A Prelude Into Emptiness is not the beginning of the story  becouse events set in the prelude take place after the Chapter 0. The Prelude as first album, aim to create the sense of loneliness, the frigile weakness of the sense of life. The chapter wants the reader/listener to understand how the gods thinks and how they act, how blank can be the faith and the hope. In the end APIE want to make you confortable into some themes which will be important for the whole “The Tears’ Path” story. Themes like hope, physics of time and time itself, location of the emptiness, chaos, understood feelings and the soul.