Inner Gates of Oblivion is a sidestory of the main narrative. It starts standalone but it ends to be merged with CHAPTER Ω and CHAPTER ZERO.
This sidestory will helps to explain some events and situation in the last chapters which will be too much complicated and detailed to be understood in a unique concept album.
This suite is divided in 9 parts. So far only the instrumental Overture has been realeased so more and detailed info will be released starting from the next part.
Beside the sound of the music itself that is indeed more extreme than the main narrative, the story told has a very dark feeling.




AMA NO MURAKUMO (天の叢雲) was a legendary sword from the Japanese mythology.
The legend of this sword has many version. I decided to merge many of them into a unique vision.

Izanami – the main character of the “Inner Gates of Oblivion Suite” – was a goddess who is told to be the one who forged darkness and death in the underworld: Yomi.

Yomi is a place which is slightly different from the western conception of the underworld.

We won’t explain all the recalls into Japanese mythology here. You can investigate further into the legends by your own if you feel you are interested into such kind of things. As usual I merged all that legends and classical thought into my own vision, forging a dark quest through the essence.

Izanami has been just morphed into the essence of death after the betrayal of faith by his husband Izanagi. Izanami in the land of Yomi its been guided by a voice, which is calling her and is going to explain the goddess what she will be and what she could become.

She has been told to follow Bastet (an Egyptian mythological figure) and a third person (the narrator) to make her way to the last step of Yomi.

The fact of becoming the essence of death is just the beginning and only a superficial scene. The reason why she belongs to the Yomi is more complex and deep that just death itself.
She shall become one with the knowledge of darkness, achieve and understand the matter of essence and get ready for whom will surely come for the sake of that knowledge.

She has to move though 7 gates. Seven steps into her path and inside herself too.
The seven gates, meant as trials, are associated to the nature elements, chakras, deadly sins and senses.
The one quested into Amanomurakumo is the gate of Earth, the Manipura Chakra, which is linked to the sense of smell.
Through a wood of madness where living trees screams their pain of being cracked, Izanami has to lose the sense of smell in order to understand the essence of the life evolved, summoned by the earth.

The song Amanomurakumo and the title of the track is not related to the sword itself but it has to be intended more like a comparison among the many version of the legend of the sword itself.

The focusing point is the snake with the seven heads or the fact that the newfound sword will be a sort of a tool for the release of heaven. The recurring hints of a mystical “her” into the song need to be intended as a recall-junction to the main character of The Tears Path: the one we will meet in the album Hollowlands (The Tears Path Chapter 1).

The deeper we will go, the more the design of the whole story will be revealed in its complexity.


2013: Overture – Inner Gates of Oblivion Suite Pt.01

2014: Ama No Murakumo [ 天の叢雲 ] Inner Gates Of Oblivion Suite Pt.02